Head of Diversity and Inclusion
Fidelity Investments
Director, Diversity Data Strategy
Fidelity Investments

8:40 am

8:40am- 9:25am Using Diversity Data to Drive Action

General Session
Data is a powerful tool in shaping D&I strategy—but if you don’t dig deep enough, it can be misleading and lead you to costly, misguided solutions. Uncovering the real value in the data requires often second and third level analysis. In addition to WHAT you’re measuring, WHERE you measure matters, too. 
In this session, Amy and Sarah will share their experiences in defining KPIs, D&I data methodology, and most importantly, turning that data into action. 
Hear from Diversity & Inclusion leaders at Fidelity Investments on: 
- Best practices and key watch-outs for measuring D&I efforts that avoid potential pitfalls 
- Extracting the most valuable story in the data through secondary analysis 
- How to avoid being blindsided by a hypothesis 
- Blending data with stories to paint a true picture of experience • Presenting data to gain leadership buy-in