Global Diversity Program Manager – Talent Acquisition

3:05 pm

3:05pm-3:35pm EDT Reinventing Diversity Attraction: Why A 100-year-old Engine Tackled #periodpoverty

General Session
What does a 100 year old diesel engine, power and technology company have to do with #PeriodPoverty? Attend this session to learn how Cummins turned their diversity hiring conference strategy into a meaningful event experience that touched candidates, underserved youth, and drove record talent acquisition results, all while inspiring employees to live their values. 
By exploring observations and digging into historical data, Cummins was able to develop and drive an unconventional strategy inspired by behavioral psychology that led to over 200% increase in diverse talent foot traffic. And by developing a proof of concept that could be measured, the strategy could be expanded and aligned to global implementation for both in person and virtual conferences. 
In this session, you will learn: 
- Leveraging data to find hidden opportunities 
- How to apply behavioral psychology to your TA strategy 
- Building and measuring a proof of concept 
- Expanding your proof of concept within your organization