Sandhu, Ph.D.
Sr. Manager
Limeade Institute

1:35 pm

1:35pm-2:05pm Intentional Culture as a Competitive Advantage

The employee engagement industry is exploding, but these investments often show up to employees as transactional, punitive and lacking action – instead of showing them they’re authentically valued. This disregard for employees’ human needs has negative consequences. New research shows that 1/3 of employees have left a job because they didn’t feel their employer cared, 38% have encouraged a colleague to leave with them, and nearly half of employees who have disclosed a personal issue in the workplace have experienced negative consequences by doing so. 
Employees are desperate for a culture that makes them feel cared for as human beings. And when they feel like their organization authentically cares, they are more likely to stay, have higher engagement, lower burnout and are more likely to recommend their workplace. In this interactive workshop, Dr. Laura Hamill, Chief Science Officer of the Limeade Institute will lead a hands-on, interactive workshop that will include discussions and activities. 
In this session, you will learn: 
- What culture really is and why it can be a competitive advantage 
- The business case for why your culture should have more care 
- Tips and strategies from your peers on how to build an intentional culture 
- Actionable steps to transform your culture