Manager, Talent Management & Organizational Development
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)
Lead HR Operations Consultant

2:40 pm

2:40pm-3:10pm Manager’s Action Planning Guidebook: A Toolbox Full of Support

General Session

Over the last several years, UPMC has evolved its culture by taking the annual engagement survey from a periodic report on engagement metrics to a progressive process with shared responsibility. Through strategic communications and a focus on educating leadership, UPMC developed a strategy that has yielded positive results – simplify. UPMC wanted to make it easier on managers to not only understand the value of positive engagement, but also make impactful change without adding more work to a manager’s plate. In this session, you will learn a three-step approach to action planning which can be easily recreated in your organization.

In this session, you will learn:

Awareness-  How to use data to create a shift in awareness that facilities pro-active behavior in managers.

Action- How to use prescriptive action planning and a strong HR partnership to deliver custom, achievable business goals.

Accountability- Strategies to follow up on how feedback was heard and how everyone (from employee to senior leader), everyone is accountable for their part of the engagement narrative.