Senior Talent Program Specialist
Spectrum Health

12:20 pm

12:20pm-12:50pm The Importance of Not Only Continuous Listening, but Continuous Conversations

General Session
While employee engagement surveys are not a new concept, measuring engagement on a more frequent basis, such as quarterly, is still not a widely adopted approach. Spectrum Health Systems, an integrated health system in Southwest and West Michigan with 31,000 employees, found that surveying more regularly made employee engagement an organizational priority and allowed them to be more agile when it came to their people programs. So, when the COVID-19 crisis hit, Spectrum was able to act quickly to help guide the organization’s response and support their people effectively. 
In this session, you will learn: 
- The major factors that led Spectrum Health to survey quarterly and increase agility 
- The tactics that led teams to make the greatest improvements in engagement 
- Key learnings from their agile engagement program that helped guide the organization during crisis 
- The challenges of a quarterly survey cadence and how it affected overall engagement