Leadership Development
W.L. Gore & Associates

12:00 pm

12:00pm-12:30pm Innovating in a Time of Pandemic

General Session
Innovation is always a challenge to prioritize, because it represents future success and must compete for our attention on today’s most pressing challenges. Even in normal times, the more your organization focuses on predictability, productivity, and profitability – the more challenging it is to prioritize innovation. 
When factoring in the uncertainty and loss experienced during this global crisis, how do we allocate the time, the financial resources, and the attention needed to fuel innovation? 
In this conversation, we will explore ideas from a company known for sustained innovation for how to innovate in good times and in challenging times. 
In the session, you will learn: 
- Time-proven organizational practices that support innovation from this serial innovation company. 
- Specific illustrations and ideas to help your organization continue to innovate through a crisis – and 
- Descriptions of personal benefits this focus on innovation will bring to you, your team members and stakeholders, while serving the long-term objectives of your organization.