Former CHRO at GE
Mentora Institute

2:50 pm

2:50pm-3:20pm Working from Home and the Implications to Organizations and Individuals, Now and in the Future

General Session
In business organizations, the switch to Working-from-Home (WFH) for the professional workforce happened swiftly and universally due to Covid-19. The magnitude of the current shift, driven by both organizational and individual necessity, makes it possible for us to look at this phenomenon through a fresh lens. 
With this backdrop in mind, we conducted a research study with about 580 participants globally, both individual employees and managers, to understand their effectiveness in WFH as well their desire to return to an office environment in the future. The study will serve as a blueprint for organizations in general, the HR and learning departments in particular, to think through interventions and actions required for taking a balanced and evidence-based approach in making decisions regarding the future of work. 
In this session, you will learn:
-  The indication that both employees and managers struggle on the psychological dimension (work-life balance, managing isolation, and stress) 
- Why less tenured and younger employees grapple with the lack of connection to their peers and managers struggle with understanding their employees' new circumstances 
- Which areas of focus will be used for future research as well as opportunities for organizations to enhance their practices related to WFH