Farazi, Ph.D.,
COVID-19 Response Leader and Partner

1:25 pm

1:25pm-2:00pm Connection and Community in a Distributed Workforce

General Session
The pandemic has led to a digital transformation at an accelerated pace, with workforces becoming remote almost overnight. Most organizations had to rush the process, 'making do' as they went along. Now, one year on, as these accelerated changes pivot to a new it is more important than ever to invest in getting it right.  Research has suggested that remote work has worked well for some and less so for others. Even where workforces remain engaged and connected, continued well-being is challenging, and the negative effects of prolonged, distanced working are becoming apparent. This session will look at some of the challenges of a globally distributed workforce and you will hear about: 
  • How companies can protect their workforce, operations and values in a transformed working world
  • Actionable strategies to engage, connect, motivate and manage remote teams
  • How we can reimagine the future of global workforces and pivot accelerated change to transformation