Senior Director of Global People Analytics, Measurement, and Insights
Cox Automotive Inc.

11:05 am

11:05am-11:40am Measuring and Understanding Engagement as Employees Adapt to Working Through COVID-19

General Session
COVID-19 has affected our workforce in a variety of ways – employees are faced with new working conditions rife with shifting expectations and new protocols (whether working onsite or virtually) as well as the broader uncertainty and anxiety that comes from living and working through a pandemic. Measuring employees’ engagement and sentiment is critical during this time, but People Analytics teams can go further to assess what specifically is affecting their engagement and in what ways. Doing so enables our HR teams to provide prescriptive guidance to leadership on how best to manage through the pandemic to simultaneously support employees’ well-being while continuing to deliver results for the business.
Combining data from Microsoft Workplace Analytics, our internal HR systems, and recent Voice of the Employee efforts, we were able to look at the specific behaviors that have emerged since COVID-19 hit our broader workforce and model how they differentially predict our employees’ engagement.
In this session, you will learn:
  • How Cox Automotive’s employee work behaviors have changed since the pandemic
  • How some of those behaviors, most of which are easily managed or influenced by employees and leaders alike, are potentially influencing employee engagement (positively and negatively)
  • The value of exploring and integrating new and different data sources to better understand and inform the employee experience