Former Head of Executive Development Programs

11:05 am

11:05am-11:40am EDT Involve to Engage: Inviting Employees to Participate in Creating Their Own Experience

General Session
When it comes to Employee Experience, leaders and HR professionals often find themselves wondering: What do our employees really want? So, we ask, usually through an annual employee engagement survey, or some other equally impersonal mechanism. We ask, we listen, we even act. Every year. Over and over again. So, why don’t we have Employee Experience figured out by now? Why are we still stumped about what people really want?
The best employee experience is the one that’s crafted by the employees themselves. At Google, we saw the power of participation most notably in the g2g (Googler-to-Googler) program. This volunteer teaching and learning network of over 11,000 participants accounts for nearly 80% of all formal learning at Google. And, although there were certainly things we did to motivate and inspire g2g’ers, one thing stands out above the rest: we trusted them to do great work, and then got out of their way.

In this session you’ll learn more about:

  • Google’s g2g program, and how a deep commitment to the hallmarks of human motivation -- trust, autonomy, and purpose -- created an employee experience program that’s truly built to last.
  • Participatory governance and how this approach can benefit employee experience, company culture, and even team effectiveness.
  • The (often self-imposed) roadblocks to programs and initiatives rooted in participatory methods, and how we can overcome them.