Director, Organization Development & Internal Communications

2:25 pm

2:25pm-3:00pm EDT A Healthy Exit is Part of the Experience

General Session
Life is cyclical. All things have a beginning and an end, including our jobs and career journeys. Today’s workforce no longer shows loyalty by the decades they spend at your company, but rather by the life-long brand ambassador they have the potential to become after they’ve left.
It’s easy to think of “employee experience” just pertaining to the beginning and middle, but what about the point where an employee decides it’s time to move on? We’re all familiar with the anxiety that comes with giving your two-weeks’ notice – it’s not pleasant for anyone. The speed at which two weeks can fly by creates disruption for the team left behind and business continuity. At TOMS, we believe that Employees should feel like they can enter and leave an organization on a high note, knowing that they delivered value and impact without feeling any guilt for moving on. It's just a natural fact of life. Because of that, we’re taking a different approach to exits and flipping it on its head. We’re not just accepting that people decide to move on, but we’re whole-heartedly supporting it by incentivizing them to open a conversation about leaving well in advance of their last two weeks, so that even their resignation period is a positive employee experience – for everyone.
In this session, you will learn:
  • The inclusive and flexible work policies we’ve designed to support employees in any phase of life.
  • How we’re incentivizing resignations and removing the stigma by supporting employees who decide to exit.
  • How this approach better supports the business and the ROI we’re seeking to validate