Author of: Building the Core Competencies of Change: A Guide to Coaching in Organizations, SLS Coaching

2:25 pm

2:25pm-3:00pm Catalyzing Organizational Strategy Through Integrating Coaching Skills in Leaders, Teams, and Culture

General Session

If people are the power behind achieving organizational goals and strategies, how do we embed powerful people skills?  How do we create exponential growth and catalyze change by creating leaders that optimize others?  In this presentation Sandi Stewart will share stories of organizations from around the world who are catalyzing organizational objectives through the strategic use of embedding coaching and coaching skills.  Learn from these examples how diverse tools and models of coaching are deployed.


  •  Case histories of organizations using coaching skills and methods to achieve strategic organizational goals


  • Models and tools of coaching and how to design powerful programs aligned with organizational strategy


  • How coaching skills make better leaders and organizations