Culhane, Ph.D.
Senior People Scientist
Culture Amp

12:35 pm

12:35pm-1:10pm EDT Driving Performance of Remote and Hybrid Teams

General Session

As recent events have impacted the world, organizations and employees have had to adapt to a different world of work. This informative presentation focuses on the new ways of working and key considerations for managing culture and performance for remote and hybrid teams. The session will provide you with a common language to help identify what the most effective work arrangement is for your organization as well as solutions and best practices for addressing the challenges that come along with remote and hybrid dynamics. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • How the landscape of work has changed, and the terminology used for the different ways of working
  • The common challenges organizations are facing with remote and hybrid teams and the importance of effectively incorporating new strategies and processes
  • Practical steps your organization and managers can take to ensure employees stay engaged, connected, and accountable while fostering your organizational culture in remote and hybrid teams
  • New ways to adapt performance management processes in order to enhance development and productivity in this new world of work