Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Northwestern Mutual
VP, Strategic Communications & Public Relations
Northwestern Mutual

2:35 pm

2:35pm-3:10pm EDT Building Sound Talent Strategies by Leveraging a Human + Data Approach

General Session

The ever-evolving talent landscape has challenged companies - of all sizes - to level up their talent strategies across the board. While the pursuit to develop the best program can be daunting at times, Don Robertson, Chief Human Resource Officer for Northwestern Mutual, has identified a solution for this business-critical need. Adopting a human + data approach.  By integrating these two very different yet complimentary factors, companies will be able to establish a thriving talent ecosystem that not only supports broader business goals with a talent-first approach, but also eliminate archaic HR practices.

In this session, Don will speak with Jennifer Ryan, VP of Strategic Communications at Northwestern Mutual, about how companies can up-level their talent strategies to better support overarching company goals, increase diversity and inclusiveness, and empower employees to succeed in their roles.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Greater understanding of how a human + data approach can change talent planning for the better and open doors not only for the organization but its employees 
  • The importance of having an institutionalized talent strategy, and how a company (of any size) can implement it
  • How more modern talent practices can eliminate archaic hiring/advancement processes, create space for diverse perspectives, and continue to support those in your workforce, despite the ever-evolving landscape