Beich, CSP
Ascend Consulting Environmental, Health & Safety LLC

8:30 am

8:30-11:30am- AM Preconference Workshop- EHS Lessons in Leadership: Skills to Lead Positive Change

General Session

In today's rapidly evolving workplace, safety professionals have a unique opportunity to shape and drive positive change within their organizations. This workshop will explore the essential qualities and strategies that safety professionals can employ to make a lasting impact and foster a culture of safety and well-being. We will look at the significance of emotional intelligence (EQ) and empathy in effective leadership, highlighting how these attributes can inspire and motivate others to follow your leadership. We will equip attendees with actionable strategies they can implement within their organizations, enabling them to make a positive difference and cultivate a safer work environment.

Through engaging discussions, real-life examples, and practical exercises, this workshop empowers safety professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary that lead to real change within their organizations. Attendees will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, equipped to create a safer and more productive work environment, and gain actionable strategies for positive change.

You will learn:

  • How to cultivate and understand the importance of emotional intelligence in leading positive change, including self-awareness, motivation, empathy, and social skills
  • Practical techniques to enhance your leadership style and interactions by effectively communicating goals, overcoming resistance, and motivating your team towards a shared vision
  • Acquire a toolkit of actionable strategies to implement within your organization, including methods to engage employees, promote safety culture, and drive sustainable change