Senior Director of DEI & Systemic Equity
Ford Motor Company

9:55 am

9:55am-10:40am Systematizing Care and Equity in the Employee Experience

General Session

Employees are working longer, harder, and being asked to excel in a rapidly evolving landscape.  All while 77% of HR leaders report that employees are fatigued and only 50% of employees “trust” their organization according to a 2023 Gartner HR Leader survey.  In a world of work-life collision, employee burn out, quiet quitting, political unrest, and ever-present social injustice, organizations have an opportunity to re-envision what employee experience feels like and embrace a new way to systematize the employee experience, centering care and equity.  
In this keynote presentation, Amanda Reid, workplace Systemic Equity expert, will discuss how organizations can embrace systematic process design and automation for a more equitable, efficient, and caring employee experience. She’ll share frameworks of design and automation that can serve both for business efficiency and as equity enablers. She will also provide inspiring emerging behavioral research and workplace case studies with measurable successful outcomes. 
In this session, you will learn:

  • How the impact of the designed environment for employee experience can drive successful workplace outcomes and deter counterproductive behavior.
  • What and how to apply design principles that enable an employee experience of workplace fairness and enable self-efficacy. 
  • How to leverage behavioral science in people processes to make progress for equity.
  • How to creatively systematize and pilot moments that matter intentionally to create new standards for employee experience.