Workforce Transformation Partner
Associate Vice President, Leader Development and Org. Effectiveness
Hyatt Hotels Corporation
Employee Experience and AI Global Black Belt

2:05 pm

2:05pm-2:50pm Harnessing the Power of AI for Employee Experience

Concurrent Session

Stacia Wood will be delving into how AI can be utilized to enhance the employee experience. Drawing from PwC's collaboration with its technology alliances and clients, this session will cover how AI can alleviate mundane tasks, lessen workloads, and foster a seamless way for employees to collaborate and complete their work more effectively. 
In this session, you will learn:

  • The Role of AI in Simplifying Tech Stacks: AI can play a significant role in simplifying tech stacks in the workplace. By reducing application complexities, AI can help employees focus on high-value tasks, thereby enhancing their experience and productivity.
  • The impact of AI on Employee Engagement: AI can be used help support the shift in employee expectations of their employers and their relationship with work.  Learn how PwC uses AI to understand these shifts across four categories of employee experience: meaningful work, inclusive culture, adaptive ecosystem and holistic support.
  • The Potential of AI in Driving Bold Outcomes: The session will also highlight how PwC and Microsoft are leveraging AI to drive bold outcomes in the workplace. This includes improving the employee experience, increasing productivity, and fostering a more collaborative and efficient work environment.