Director, Culture and Inclusion
The Lubrizol Corporation

1:00pm-1:40pm Growing an Inclusive Mindset in Leaders

General Session

Companies spend millions on diversity programs each year with the goal to create workforces that are more inclusive. Not only is building a more inclusive workforce just the right thing to do it is also a well-researched lever to better business outcomes. However, studies also show that bias prevention training and policies rarely deliver and sometimes even make the situation worse.

What else can you do for teams and for leaders to make sure they're making the most of diverse voices? Although bias itself is hard to eliminate, it is not as difficult to interrupt. Growing an inclusive mindset in leaders and giving them the right tools and systems will help counter bias and encourage diverse perspectives to accelerate success.

In this session you will:

- Identify the organizational indicators of an “inclusive mindset” and discover ways to assess your organization’s current strengths and weaknesses

- Name the key leadership skills that support the “inclusive mindset” and generate a sense of belonging that improves business outcomes

- Learn best practices to lead for inclusion in your own workplace through implementing the right tools and systems