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Change Catalysts, LLC

8:40am-9:20am Shift from a Fixed to Growth Mindset to Develop Agile Leaders and a Change-Capable Culture

Interactive Session
How can you accelerate the development of agile leaders, which is a mission-critical competency in this time of massive disruption across industries around the globe? To enable our organizations to respond with agility to changes ranging from new competitive pressures to constantly evolving technologies to shifting customer expectations and workforce demographics, we need agile leaders. 
Yet so often when attempting to drive change, leaders (at all levels, from the C-suite to the front line), meet resistance, which they struggle to overcome. What if there was a new way – an alternative to all this stress and frustration – experienced both by leaders as well as employees? The traditional framing of resistance springs from a fixed mindset: resistance is bad, resistance is a sign that I am a leader is doing something wrong, resistance must be prevented or eradicated. Adopting a growth mindset transforms our attitude towards resistance: resistance is normal and natural, resistance is a powerful source of information I can use as a leader, resistance should be surfaced, honored, and explored. Shifting one’s attitude from a fixed to a growth mindset is a choice – and one that can be learned. 
By making this shift, leaders become agile and transition from feeling like they’re to doing something “to” or “against” or even “in spite of” “them” to collaborating “with” and “for” the people and teams they lead. Indeed, what can we control? Only ourselves! You are invited to a highly interactive experience where you’ll learn research-based insights into how one organization trained its leaders at all levels – from the CEO to frontline staff – to alter their attitudes and accelerate their agility – resulting in achievement of demanding new strategic objectives and dramatic savings of over $1M in just one year. It’s amazing how when we “change” – others change too. 
Participants will: 
- Experience how to transform what “looks like” resistance in others to an opportunity for us as leaders to ensure that we are giving people what they need to “get it” 
- Discover how to develop agile leaders capable of proactively and intentionally “enlightening the Head,” “engaging the Heart,” and “equipping the Hands” to build relationships and get results. 
- Create learning experiences to enable leaders to shift from a fixed to a growth mindset to nurture a change-capable culture.