Senior Director, Content

Beyond Diversity: Get Past the Words and Into the Work

ITVS works with world-class documentary filmmakers to develop and present programs that take creative risks, start conversations or represent perspectives not typically seen on television. We are one of the biggest funders and co-producers of independent documentary films in the U.S. Diversity is core to our founding mission -- we believe that it is (and has always been) central to the innovation and dynamism that makes the United States unique. Numbers matter, but stories are the way we make sense of our lives and of the larger world. What is the story around diversity that people in your company are telling themselves and each other?

In this session, I will share some of the challenges, struggles and successes that ITVS has had in becoming a leading funder, co-producer, and broadcaster of documentary films - a form of expression that by most accounts is experiencing a “golden age.”  Assuming that innovation demands demonstration, I will illustrate the centrality of diversity in our success with samples of the work that ITVS has developed and co-produced. I will also draw on examples from Hollywood and film history, a cautionary tale or two from the world of sports, a few statistics here and there, and perhaps a few brave volunteers from the room to guide our discussion.

You will learn:

  • How to gauge progress in the multi-directional world of diversity.
  • How to identify individuals who can make a difference in your office.
  • How to build shared understandings of the word “diversity” and how shared understandings can enhance relationships and advance organizational goals.