Director, Talent Management

Designing a PM Process to Drive a Culture of Continuous Feedback

Baxter International Inc. is a Fortune 500 health care company with headquarters in Deerfield, IL.  From invention to innovation, Baxter develops essential products and therapies that meet critical needs for patients around the globe. In 2016, Baxter found itself with a new CEO who charged the organization to innovate, grow and execute at a much faster pace.  Human Resources recognized an opportunity to drive innovation and performance by evolving the current approach to performance management.

The goal was to evolve Baxter’s performance management process to one that would drive a culture of continuous feedback, accelerate performance, and drive manager effectiveness.  We wanted to move away from the traditional approach with ratings and year-end reviews to frequent and better feedback conversations between our employees and managers. Baxter’s new process, A.C.E. – Align. Check-in. Execute. is helping us create a culture that drives more continuous conversations about performance and development throughout the year.

You will learn:

  • Baxter’s unique approach to designing and implementing this new process globally
  • How we approached the change management and training for a global population
  • The approach used to measure the program and manager effectiveness
  • The results and lessons learned on our A.C.E. Journey so far