Senior Manager, Inclusion & Diversity
Director, Inclusion & Diversity for World Wide Operations

A Diverse Slate Isn't Enough: Shining the Light on Inclusive Interviewing as a Go-To Strategy

In today’s hiring landscape, a diverse slate isn't enough and won't help us move the needle if we don't pay attention to how we raise the awareness of our interviewers and hiring managers on the importance of being an inclusive interviewer.  Candidates often come from different backgrounds and experiences than our own, so understanding our biases, preferences, and awareness and the impact they have on the interviewing/hiring process, will enable organizations to hire the diverse workforce needed to be successful today and tomorrow.  Come join this fun and interactive session where we will share useful tips and mechanisms for 'really' doing this seemingly simply process well.

Learning Objectives:

  • Awareness on the importance of going beyond slating and integrating inclusive interviewing
  • Strategies and tips for being an inclusive interviewer
  • Learn critical concepts/terms that foster an understanding of how interviewing is NOT objective and indeed an interaction that can work or not depending on the awareness of the interviewer