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People with Disabilities: Issues, Opportunities, Quick Hits & Long-term Wins

People with disabilities are the largest and fastest growing minority in the world, in the U.S., surpassing the Hispanic population by 5%.  It is also a segment of the population that greatly impacts corporate America from a regulatory standpoint from the EEOC to the OFCCP for companies that are U.S. Federal Contractors.  From talent acquisition, management, retention and diversity practices to learning and development, accessibility, accommodations, celebrations and much more, Human Resource and diversity executives must understand the issues, opportunities and best practices from the standpoint of quick hits and long-term wins.  This session is not about the law nor it is about theory. It is about practical applications and scalable solutions.

You will learn:

  • The impact of the current legislation relative to HR and Diversity
  • How to manage the critical components of organizational readiness for both quick hits and long-term success
  • Corporate best practices from every industry