Shannon McAulay
Vice President of Sales, BountyJobs

Shannon McAulay-Newcomb is the Vice President of Sales at BountyJobs and oversees the sales organization and strategic account acquisition along with long term enterprise account management. She has been very fortunate to help develop business strategies from scratch while working directly with sales acquisition, and leading a successful Enterprise Sales Team in her professional career. She has had a great amount of experience in sales training, sales management and leadership, business relations, and business development in various industries in the SMB and Enterprise business space. She is a firm believer that strong work ethic and setting high and attainable goals will help her accomplish her objectives. Whether working as a leader or member of a team, a positive attitude is extremely contagious and plans on bringing that outlook to her work routine on a daily basis. She believes that creating strong relationships internally and externally will help move the needle for future revenue and strategic marketing and business plans for any company willing to evolve.