Turner Bailey
Coach, Trainer, and Leadership Consultant
Bravely Coach

Debra Turner Bailey is an inspirational leader who mobilizes people with a deep commitment to inclusion, engagement, and empowerment. A true visionary, she is equally comfortable working to create a robust initiative from a blank slate, or tackling a complex, intractable problem to find a win-win resolution.  In both cases, she looks for creative, practical, people-oriented solutions, and motivates others to passionately move a project or agenda forward. Debra is a skilled facilitator of small and large groups; she can keep the larger goals and desired outcomes in focus while encouraging a group to go deeper on sensitive issues.  As a facilitator Debra can draw everyone in and affirm their point of view while pushing them to discover their underlying assumptions and mental models.  She also can ask provocative questions or propose alternative frameworks when groups get stuck. Debra has 20+ years of HR experience and 10+ years specifically in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space having served as the Global Diversity Officer for a Fortune 500 company.