Culhane, Ph.D.
Senior People Scientist
Culture Amp

Liz Culhane, Ph.D., is a Senior People Scientist at Culture Amp, supporting customers in the eastern region of North America.

Prior to joining Culture Amp, Liz spent the past few years in the healthcare field as a workforce Engagement Advisor, where she had the opportunities to help hospitals all over the United States focus on improving their culture. Additionally, she had the opportunity to lead the Flight Risk Analytics team, which allowed her to focus on why employees were leaving organizations. This work allowed her to help create interventions and action plans for her client through the creation of profiles for the most at risk employees. Additionally, she has experience as a DoD contractor for a a little over 12 years. In this role she focused on climate assessments, where she focused on development of survey items, validation efforts and working towards the development of action planning. 

Liz earned her MS and PhD degrees in I/O Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology and her BA in Psychology from The University of Toledo.