CEO & Executive Coach
Chopra Coaching

Rajan coaches C-suite executives, emerging managers, entrepreneurs and other high achievers on leadership development, communications, organizational structure and culture, disruption and change management, career development and managing skills gaps.

With three decades of global business experience in various leadership roles at public and private companies, and as a founder of several business startups, Rajan understands the disruptive challenges that professionals face each day. Through powerful inquiry, thoughtful insights, pragmatic ideas, an inspirational style and a foundation of integrity in a safe and confidential environment, he partners with clients and helps them grow from good to great. Rajan has coached over 200 professionals ranging from C-Suite executives of S&P 500 companies to mid-level managers, sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Rajan is a different kind of coach - he’s a practitioner, not a preacher.

Contact: rajan@chopracoaching.com

Website: https://www.chopracoaching.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachchopra