Senior Learning and OD Partner
Sheryl Klein Lavi has been a pioneer in the onboarding space since Grade 3, when she volunteered to be the official class welcomer and shared the unspoken rules of the playground with new students. Now a recognized leader in the industry, she creates a welcoming organizational culture and sense of belonging, personally onboarding over 5,000 employees and executives at Elastic, Twitter and PwC.
Sheryl most recently transformed not one, but two global, face-to-face onboarding programs to run completely virtual during the Covid-19 pandemic. From creating Elastic's virtual X-School to redesigning Twitter's orientation into #FlightSchoolRemote, Sheryl has virtually onboarded over 1,000 employees across the globe since March 2020.
She is her best self leading learning solutions that enable employees to pursue their purpose throughout the employee life cycle. She has built her career helping leaders set strategic and aspirational goals that unite team members in peak performance, running coaching circles that transform the way organizations communicate or experimenting with onboarding and reboarding methods for maximum engagement.
Sheryl earned her undergraduate degree from Emerson College and later completed her coaching qualification from IPEC. In addition, since “graduating” from comedy school, she is now working on her standup routine and hopes to perform by the end of 2021.