David Forman
HCI Faculty

David C. Forman is the author of Fearless HR and former Chief LearningOfficer of The Human Capital Institute, a position he held for over a decade. Beginning with the Human Capital Strategist course in 2004, David has designed, developed, and taught the major HCI courses taken by thousands of HR professionals throughout the world. He also served as host for HCI conferences up until the 2014-15 season.

In 2015, David authored Fearless HR—Driving Business Results, and this book has quickly become one of the most influential in the profession. Dave Ulrich wrote the foreword and praised the book’s substance and perspective. Amazon reviews give the book five stars and it is being used in universities, businesses, and nonprofits all over the world. David has emphasized the key Fearless HR themes in his widely read HRPS blog, LinkedIn posts, numerous conference presentations, and HCI conference keynote sessions.