Victoria Cacicedo Ordonez
Senior Director, New Market Growth and Expansion, UKG Labs

Victoria Cacicedo Ordonez is a Senior Director at UKG where she leads the market research and experimentation division known as Catalyst. Part of the Engineering, Product, Innovation and Cloud organization, the Catalyst team works to fuel innovation inside and outside of UKG. Victoria directs several strategic initiatives including UKG’s patent program, its early-stage startup ecosystem known as UKG Labs, its innovation events (ie ideation conferences, tech talks, and hackathons), and its strategic market dynamics and thought leadership research efforts. Victoria joined UKG through the Product Leadership Development Program. Before structuring the Catalyst team, Victoria held a number of roles in Product including Operations, Finance, Value and Performance, and most recently New Market Growth which included the launch of UKG Labs.

Prior to UKG, Victoria worked to scale a global network of industry-sponsored startup accelerators based in London and Singapore to New York, Mumbai, and Mexico City. Victoria began her career at Goldman Sachs in New York as an analyst. She graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a B.S.E. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. She also received an MA from the Lauder Institute of Management and International Studies and an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.