Leading Change

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Embrace Change and Drive Transformation

Change has become a pervasive element of organizational life, and the ability to effectively navigate change will distinguish the great leaders of the future. This workshop is a powerful yet practical approach for leaders to appreciate better the change process and why some people resist change.


Participants will:

  • Explore the powerful Leading Change Model and learn practical leadership approaches for navigating change
  • Learn how to effectively transfer these new skills to their teams and organizations
  • Identify the most important business and organizational changes they are facing and develop approaches that will have the most immediate and significant impact


What You'll Learn


Gain a deeper appreciation for the change process and their role in making the process a positive experience for themselves and their team members


Understand how they can help others navigate through and accelerate the change process


Gain immediately usable communication, mentoring, and coaching skills to help their team members respond to and thrive in periods of substantial change


Leave with specific commitments that will ensure the implementation of new behaviors and an operational plan


Higher morale, and improved trust and respect within your team

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What to Expect

  •  Supportive and interactive environment
  • Offered virtually as a 8 hour session
  • Access log-in information and materials (participant guide and toolkit) in your MyHCI profile 
  • Chat and interact with faculty and peers via Zoom 
  • Attend this workshop and earn 6.5 HCI, 6.5 HRCI, 6.5 SHRM, and 6.5 ATD recertification credits
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For over 25 years, Bluepoint has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes at all levels to develop better leaders through research-backed leadership and coaching workshops. Our programs are designed to create exceptional alignment, engagement, innovation, and productivity. Graduates of our programs are fully capable and highly motivated to make an immediate, significant impact on their teams and organizations. x

Course Outline

Leading Change Model
My Big Delta & Alignment Arrow
Create Direction Introduction
Create Direction: Leadership Communication Best Practices
Create Direction Talks
Accelerate Mastery
Coach Others
Coaching Experiential: My Commitments

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