Alexandra Powell
Alexandra Powell
Director of US Client Success
Reward Gateway

For over 12 years, Alex has helped coach and train our clients’ managers and internal trainers/facilitators on how to use simple skills and habits combined with our software to increase results, improve engagement and build leadership skills.

Alex has a passion for helping individuals and teams make work easier, reduce stress and increase collaboration while reaching company goals. As an experienced trainer, she demonstrates flexibility to address the group’s top priorities and concerns while using energy and humor to keep them focused and productive. Alex is always excited to work with client trainers and facilitators, enabling them to feel confident and prepared to sustain the desired culture from within. She is skilled at providing managers with proven best practices that work for varied leadership styles, helping them create the environment for a more engaged workforce.

Last, but not least, she is proud of how these same techniques work to support the smart, dedicated team at Reward Gateway.

While not at work, Alex loves to fight a losing battle with her gardens, discover new restaurants with her husband and learn from and play with her kids.