Alexis Normand
Alexis Normand
CEO & Co-Founder at Greenly

Happy co-founder of Greenly 📲 Making carbon accounting precise and intuitive so everyone can take part in the fight against climate change.

Greenly enables your company to measure, monitor, reduce its carbon footprint in line on international carbon accounting standards such as the GHG Protocol, while engaging your ecosystem, from employees to suppliers, on your climate journey. The platform streamlines data collection & carbon analytics through integrations with over 100 enterprise softwares, including accounting, travel, cloud data, electricity etc. We help you roll-out a comprehensive reduction strategy in line with SBTI.

Greenly partners with consultancies to help them scale carbon accounting and support wider climate ESG strategies, including CSRD roll-out.

Entrepreneur, Techstars alumni with Embleema, former Withings head of B2B, at one point Nokia Digital Health. There, I worked on :
-Creation of B2B department to promote sales & use of smart devices into preventative services for employers, distance health for providers and real-word evidence studies for life sciences, including growing network of 150+ platform partners
-Product Management: release of Nokia Care HIPAA SaaS platform for chronic care management in 2017 and Withings Corporate Wellness Solution SaaS service in 2015
-Marketing: Launched Nokia Healthcare Solutions pages & Withings Health Institute, to promote digital health innovation in B2B & academia; authored peer-reviewed publications (NEJM, JMIR), White Papers etc.
-Digital Health evangelist: keynote speaker (Connected Health, HIMSS, AHA, ATA, OECD etc.), member of GDPR Working Group on eHealth for EU commission, authored book ("The revolution of eHealth"), digital health blog, columns in Les Echos & Le Monde