Lori Mazan
Co-founder, President, and Chief Coaching Officer, Sounding Board

Lori Mazan is the co-founder, president, and chief coaching officer for Sounding Board, the first Dynamic Leadership Suite designed to bridge the leadership gap. One of the first 250 ICF certified coaches globally, she has spent more than 25 years coaching C-suite executives in developing critical leadership capabilities that have immediate, positive business impact.

Lori, certified by the Coaches Training Institute, now the Co-Active Training Institute, has coached leaders in top companies such as Chevron, Sprint, and Citibank, as well as venture-backed high-growth companies like Intellikine, Tapjoy, and 10XGenomics.

Many of her CEO and executive clients said they would have benefited from leader coaching earlier in their careers. This led Lori to partner with her previous executive coaching client Christine Tao to launch the Sounding Board Dynamic Leadership Suite, with the vision of empowering organizations to develop leaders at all levels by eliminating key barriers such as administrative tasks and reducing costs. The Suite combines solution design, adaptive software, people-to-people development, and measurable data and insights.

Lori is also the author of the upcoming book "Leadership Revolution: The Future of Developing Dynamic Leaders.” Linkedin: