Patricia B
Patricia Bayerlein
Executive Director, Gagen MacDonald

With more than 20 years of experience in international marketing and communications, Patricia Bayerlein has advised local governments on international relations and developed business-to-business markets within Europe and Asia.

At Gagen MacDonald, Patricia provides change management and communication counsel to global Fortune 500 companies to effectively engage employees and prepare leaders for significant change. She has worked with senior teams on predicting, measuring and managing risk associated with implementing and executing change initiatives from business process transformation and restructuring within the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to mergers and acquisitions for specialty chemicals and consumer products.

Patricia also counsels clients on reorganizing communication functions for high performance. From planning to execution, she has led many corporate communication organizational

assessments—from redesign to implementation—including United Airlines, Medtronic, Mosaic and several management consulting and technology services companies.

Earlier, Patricia was a director of marketing at Cendant Intercultural, a consulting firm for global business leading such diverse projects as global employer branding, effective cross-cultural workforce practices and global leadership development. Her clients included Dow Chemical, Motorola and Accenture.

Patricia began her career in marketing working for a business-to-business electronics manufacturer that developed products for Bosch, Black & Decker, Hitachi, Motorola, Nokia and Panasonic. She was responsible for managing marketing strategies for emerging markets and measuring international customer satisfaction. Patricia also spent two years as an international relations advisor to the mayor of Kawaguchi City, Japan to support local government initiatives.

Along with being conversant in Japanese and German, she has studied Sanskrit, Hindi, French and Classical Chinese.

Patricia is a member of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission.