Chief HR Officer

2:35 pm

2:35pm-3:05pm Internal Mobility and the Path Forward

General Session
LinkedIn data shows that job changes within companies, such as promotions, transfers, and lateral moves, increased by 10% between 2015 and 2019. One key factor behind the bump is organizations leveraging the in-house talent they already have, coupled with the time and cost savings inherent in retraining existing workforces for new roles versus hiring new talent from the outside. By creating and implementing an Internal Mobility Program to help leverage the value of a company’s existing employee base, companies have the opportunity to strengthen the skills of employees and keep them engaged through visibility into future roles, upskilling opportunities, and the ability to develop meaningful connections with colleagues. This also includes providing customized learning courses to fill skills that an employee may need to augment their current role. 
This session will cover how to build and maintain a long-term, productive and healthy destination place to work through internal mobility strategies that are aligned with a company’s overarching strategy. It is a challenging task, but 100% attainable with a commitment from company leaders. 
In this session, you will: 
- Learn to develop learning programs that include a steady cadence of online training modules, in-person education series (i.e. lunch and learn with various departments throughout the organization), and upskilling initiatives for those with relevant background to fill new roles/needs. 
- Discover new innovative internal mobility practices such as internship programs and shadowing for employees to explore opportunities for career development. 
- Be empowered to speak to the importance of mentorship initiatives with senior leadership to help develop and grow employees at every level, throughout the organization.