Coleman, Ph.D.
Senior VP for Global Inclusion and Strategic Innovation and Chief Diversity Officer
NYU (New York University)

2:05 pm

2:05pm-2:50pm How AI-Powered Learning is Revolutionizing L&D

General Session

The “normal” state of work has shifted considerably over the last 10 -15 years. As much research indicates, there are “new normals” pertaining to work, workforce management, inclusive learning, and professional development strategies. As employers consider employee engagement, data collection, career skills,  trajectories, the future of work, and much more, it is clear that the implications of emerging technologies are vast. Many organizational learning and development programs are attempting to shift with the times and incorporate new, inclusive, and emerging technologies across a plethora of platforms. 

There are all types of projections about the future of work, and as one considers all of the technological advancements in AI, ChatGPT, machine learning, algorithms, singularity, and beyond, how do we (organizational leaders and managers) prepare our workforce for today and tomorrow?

How do we engage the development and learning opportunities that are relevant in a world of volatility, uncertainty,  complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA?)? This session will focus on how organizations and professionals navigate this “new normal” because as many are aware, there are new forms of work, new disruptions, and new skills needed seeminging every hour, every day, month and year. 

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to leverage and navigate so-called technological disruptions and the unknown.
  • Ways to apply inclusive organizational learning and development strategies to existing programs.
  • How to engage critical tools, integrate emerging technologies, and activate leadership and management best practices that are transdisciplinary, multi-sector, and transgenerational.