Former Global Head for Strategic Workforce Planning

10:30am-11:10am Strategic Workforce Planning for Digital Transformation

Concurrent Session

Disruption is all around us and businesses are embarking on 'Digital Transformation' journeys to get ahead or just catch up. They will need to reinvent their products, the way they engage customers, and even the way work gets done --- they need to have a strategy for how they will transform their workforce to drive and sustain this new version of themselves. Investments in developing digital customer journeys and increasing automation of back office operations will require a new mix of roles and skills in the workforce. Even in the midst of uncertainty, businesses need to be taking actions to ensure they will have the workforce they need.

In this session, you will learn:

• Storytelling around disruption and the urgency to address future workforce needs

• Ways to make progress in SWP even in the absence of a clear and complete business strategy

• How to ensure balance between the numbers and the skills elements of SWP

• The critical value of actions plans being owned by the business leaders