Head of People & Culture
Cardinal Group Companies

11:05am-11:35am Campfire Leadership: The New Model for Work that will Build Culture Amid a Crisis

General Session
How do you connect in a disconnected world? How do you lead when your team isn’t sitting right next to you? 
These are pressing problems that we never expected to have to solve so quickly. We knew it was something we had to figure out over the next 10 years but didn’t know we would need to answer it over 10 weeks. For this reason, Adaptive Leadership has never been more important! Campfire leadership is a deep dive into how the traits of resilience, self-awareness, agility, and more that will be the leadership traits in the next 10 years that create real organizational impact and separate the exceptional from the average. 
In this session, you will learn about the keys from thousands of years ago that have never been more impactful and important than they are today. Join us as we discover the 3 lessons from inukshuks and campfires for today’s leaders. Learn how direction, connection, and abundance paired with gathering, storytelling, and conversation can combine to build a new kind of culture that defines a generation. 
Learning Objectives 
- Learn the 3 tools for sending teams out to get work done in a virtual environment 
- Explore the 3 keys to a company campfire that drive culture in remote situations 
- Bring together a leadership framework that drives real culture amid a crisis.