HOW WE ENDED RACISM Realizing a New Possibility in One Generation
Justin Michael
HOW WE ENDED RACISM Realizing a New Possibility in One Generation

11:05am-11:40am EDT DEI - What’s Missing & What’s Next?

General Session

Many organizations find themselves grappling with pivotal questions about their DEI initiatives: Have these strategies been effective? Are they being sustainably integrated or are they fleeting? Do they promote understanding, or inadvertently lead to further divisions?
Recent research indicates a significant gap between DEI training intentions and outcomes. Surprisingly, a considerable portion of DEI programs over the last few years haven't achieved their intended impact. Instead of fostering connection and understanding, they've often left participants feeling disenchanted, ill-equipped to implement the learned principles in real-world scenarios, and paradoxically, sometimes even more estranged than before.
In this illuminating talk, co-authors Justin Michael William and Shelly Tygielski dive deep into these pressing issues, armed with empirical evidence and powerful stories from their revolutionary new book, "How We Ended Racism: Realizing a New Possibility in One Generation". They unravel the subtle yet profound challenges obstructing the achievement of genuine DEI outcomes both within organizational environments and in broader societal contexts.
In this session, you will learn:

  • Why many DEI strategies haven’t stuck long term and have inadvertently led to further divisions.
  • Research proven techniques on how organizations can create sustainably integrated strategies to shift workplace culture once and for all
  • The 8 conditions that need to arise in organizations (and humanity at large) to allow for real change and equity to occur
  • Tangible tools to help you reframe problem solving and create new solutions today 
  • An interactive exercise you can take back to your teams and leaders