Co-Founder and Employer Branding Expert
PSC, Inc.

11:05am-11:40am EDT Key Trends in Recruitment Marketing

General Session

It’s no secret the labor market is going through extraordinary shifts, leaving talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, and employer brand pros with a lot of unease. From the ‘Great Resignation’ to the record number of jobs posted in fourth quarter, talent is really in the driver’s seat. The question is: what can we learn from them and how can we shift the tide from mass resignations and skills shortages into a hiring boom?

The answer is simple: listening to job seekers. 

Genuinely understanding what job seekers are thinking, feeling, and saying? In this session, Tracey Parsons will share with you new trends from candidates and easy ideas to enhance your recruitment marketing and candidate experience through her unique research insights.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What job seekers are saying about the candidate experience in an unfiltered way
  • How to change those conversations to improve your results
  • How to effectively apply jobseeker sentiment to your job advertising process

Join Tracey, owner of Parsons Strategic Consulting, to find out how to seize the opportunity and adapt your candidate strategy to win the lion’s share of talent.