Author, "Change Intelligence: Use the power of CQ® to Lead Change that Sticks
Change Catalysts, LLC

11:05am-11:40am EDT Leveraging Assessment Data to Empower Employees to Get Their Vital Voices Heard

General Session

According to the HCI/ICF Building a Coaching Culture for Change Research, “employee resistance” is one of the top three contributors to failed organizational change, which results in dire consequences ranging from lost ROI to cynicism to making it more difficult to lead through mission-critical new changes to come. An important factor in employee resistance is the inability to get their vital voices heard. Since what you see depends on where you sit, input from stakeholders up, down, and across the organization is vital to avoid landmines that can derail even the most necessary and well-planned initiatives. Data from the Change Intelligence®/CQ® Assessment database of tens of thousands of people around the world points a way forward. Join us to learn how to leverage actionable insights from the database to empower employees and coach leaders to overcome the all-too common disconnects across organizational levels, Doing so increases ownership and commitment, better quality decisions and smoother implementation, and more sustainable outcomes. Ultimately, partnerships between employees and leaders fosters greater psychological safety, cultural capability, and ultimately change that sticks. 

In this session, you will:

  • Overcome employee resistance which can negatively impact return on investment (ROI), create cynicism, and make it difficult to implement important changes effectively.
  • Create opportunities for employees to express their opinions and be heard - this is a significant factor in resistance.
  • Gather input from stakeholders at all levels of the organization is crucial to avoid obstacles that can derail initiatives.
  • Leverage insights from data analysis can empower employees and help leaders overcome common disconnects between organizational levels