Future of Work Expert and Author of “The Inside Gig”

11:05am-11:40am The Inside Gig: A New Strategy for Recruiting and Developing Your Future Workforce

General Session

What if the talent you are seeking to hire is already inside your company? Employees often have capabilities and aspirations that reach far beyond the demands of their current roles, but many times, their talent goes untapped.  Yet in a rapidly changing economy that demands the constant reskilling of workers, the future belongs to companies that can access, deploy, and develop talent quickly and efficiently. Today’s organizations need to be able to quickly pivot and move talent to the greatest area of need. 

Join talent strategist Edie Goldberg as she reveals and new talent strategy that will help you to develop employees in the flow of work and more dynamically recruit the talent you need for your most pressing business priorities.  

In this session, you will learn: 

  • Move talent acquisition beyond roles and traditional organization structures
  • Facilitate organizational agility by applying the concept of the gig economy inside of your organization 
  • Uncover the hidden skills within your workforce
  • Democratize the work experience and create transparency and equal opportunity for all employees, not just the chosen few