Davey, Ph.D.
Author of, “You First” and “The Good Fight”

11:05am-11:40am Stronger Apart: Fostering Positive Culture in Your Virtual Workplace

General Session
A year into the Covid-10 pandemic, the expectations of HR are increasing. While 2020 forced HR leaders to focus on the basics of keeping people engaged, 2021 is about returning to high performance, but in a new and often virtual model. The key issue will be whether or not organizations can foster a culture of trust and purpose even with the constraints of a virtual workplace. This will require that we move beyond superficial internet advice to evidence-based best practices. It will require us to challenge conventional wisdom and glean insights about what practices forge enduring commitment and connection. It will take practical, digestible tips that even the most overwhelmed managers are eager to implement.

In this session you will:

  • Learn virtual trust-building strategies that will make remote work a viable option for your organization rather than a temporary workaround
  • Develop communication strategies to minimize the risk of misalignment and drama
  • Find practical ways to increase your leaders’ confidence in leading virtual teams