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Senior Analyst for Global Learning & Development
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11:10am-12:10pm Spectrum of Needs, Diversity of Capabilities

General Session
Often, HR Analytics focuses on pinpointing where your organization sits along a ‘spectrum of analytics maturity’. Some even prescribe a set check-list of analytic capabilities needed to help foster the maturity of an organization. In an organization as wide as EY, business and clients’ needs can fall across a wide spectrum at any single point and time. Instead of forcing the fit, we depend on the diversity of our team’s capabilities to tailor deliverables and to appropriately meet our clients’ needs. 
During our session, you’ll get to hear distinctly different examples of how we have consulted and delivered for our internal stakeholders. Our clients, comprised of Global HR Centers of Excellence, come to us with questions like “How can we ensure the strength of our top leadership succession pool?”, “How can we forecast weekly hiring trends to plan for orientation resources?” , “How do we quantify the impact of learning on our workforce?” and “How can we quantify specific drivers of retention and turnover?” Individual members of our team each will share solutions to these types of question. Then, we’ll reflect on the capabilities and strengths of the analyst that enabled them to deliver. Instead of hearing from one person, you’ll get the opportunity to experience a whole team’s perspective. 
In this session, you will learn: 
- How varied client needs and their business questions can be 
- Get a taste of a wide range of ‘fit for purpose’ deliverables 
- Experience the diversity of personalities, strengths, and capabilities that can comprise a high performing people analytics team