Co-Author of “Dollars & Sense”

11:45am-12:15pm Motivate This! Behavioral Insights on Engagement, Incentives, and Motivation

General Session
As the nature of work evolves, it’s vital for business leaders to understand what forces impact productivity, satisfaction, motivation and relationships with and at work. 
What makes employees “engaged?” Employee engagement has never been more important or less understood. Despite effort and investment, few organizations have made real progress in activating engagement within their workforce. 
Behavioral science – the emerging field that applies scientific rigor to traditional economics and human psychology is here to help. You will learn the important discoveries, experiments, and successes that create a more motivated, appreciated, incentivize and engaged team. The organizations that foster and support engagement through the latest in proven science will be the ones that thrive.
In this session, you will learn: 
- The important difference between intrinsic motivation – being connected to purpose and identity – and extrinsic motivation – the pursuit of financial reward or avoidance of punishment 
- How to create and nurture an organic sense of purpose that will help workers in every organization with both broad goals and day-to-day activities 
- Ways to express and reinforce values, mission, and purpose that truly connect to that intrinsically motivating identity