Mojo Mondays Bootcamp Podcast
Executive Vice President, Head of Development
Citizens Bank

11:45am-12:20pm EDT Building Stronger Relationships with Your People Managers

General Session

The pandemic has shined a light on the need for companies to have smart strategies in place to attract talent and upskill their own workforce to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Vargas, Executive Vice President and Head of Development at Citizens Bank, is responsible for defining and leading development strategies at Citizens and believes that to be ready for the future, an organization must create the will to build understanding, the skill through effective conversations and education and the environment to make meaningful progress. 
In a conversation moderated by Laura Schwarz, Host of the Mojo Mondays Bootcamp Podcast, Yvette will elaborate on this philosophy, providing concrete examples of effective programs and initiatives, to inspire managers to create and drive meaningful change within their own organizations. The discussion will center on how managers can:  
Develop a more inclusive talent acquisition process

  • Help current employees upskill and reskill for future success  
  • Maintain progress in a virtual/hybrid work setting
  • Foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace with internal accountability