Michelle P.
Award-winning academic, globally recognized expert on inequality and organizational culture, and Author

11:45am-12:20pm EDT How To Find Meaning Beyond A Paycheck: A Holistic Approach To Rewards And Recognition

General Session

Despite the common myth that our salary and wealth should predict our happiness, research finds that it is the quality of our relationships in life and work that predicts happiness.  Meaning isn’t handed to us by our workplaces; it’s something we discover in learning how we work together. In this session, you will learn how we have been traditionally conditioned to approach feeling rewarded at work and how we can boost our work satisfaction by looking at a new holistic view of recognition.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why traditional benchmarks for success are outdated in our current world of work
  • The research and data behind discovering the most important elements of happiness 
  • How to shift your mindset into placing more value on relationships and shift your success metric to this new type of reward evaluation