Global Head of People Analytics
Kraft Heinz Company

11:45am-12:20pm Shaping Kraft Heinz's "Next Normal" with Employee Engagement

General Session
Company-wide decisions and initiatives are not usually made by one person or team. It is widely accepted that a siloed mentality - when departments or management groups do not share information, goals, tools, priorities and processes with other departments - is not good for business.
The same goes for your people programs. Without input from all levels of the organization, these programs tend to be developed based upon assumptions of what employees want. Why not just ask your people?
In this session, Serena Huang, Global Head of People Analytics at the Kraft Heinz Company, will relay how the organization used input from employee surveys to keep the crisis management team informed and create enterprise-wide strategies that helped its employees survive and even thrive during COVID-19.
Attendees will learn:
  • How Kraft Heinz’s new listening strategy ensured employees were staying informed and connected during challenging times
  • How Kraft Heinz’s people analytics team provided thought partnership in the survey design and ensured employees’ voices were heard as the company prepared for the “next normal”
  • How your organization can create a listening strategy to inform business strategies across the organization