Director, Frontline Leadership Development Expert

1:15pm-1:45pm Virtual Leadership: Develop Leaders for the New Reality

General Session
The world of virtual work is here to stay. The only question is whether your leaders are ready to excel in this new environment. If not, you run the risk of low productivity, low engagement, and high turnover. 
The time is now to start shifting your culture to not just survive but thrive in the virtual work environment. There doesn’t have to be a trade-off between the flexibility of working from home and having high-performing teams. If you can equip your leaders with the critical skills they need to lead virtually, you will see your business quickly pivot to a new frontier. And you’ll see the talent shine both in the people you have today, and in the employees you’ll be able to attract in the future. 
In this session, you will learn:
- Why empathy is at the heart of virtual leadership 
- Three essential leadership skills to excel as virtual leaders 
- The best virtual options for leadership development 
DDI will provide all session attendees with a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Leadership and access to a microcourse on Leading Virtual Meetings.